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yurt platform/land pics

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--- Quote from: wdrobins on November 22, 2010, 08:02:21 PM ---Will you be adding a bathroom?

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 the plan is compost toilet


--- Quote from: d0j0w0 on November 22, 2010, 09:31:48 PM ---Yurts are cool.  Are you going to insulate the floor of the platform?

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 at some point possibly .. You have to put plywood underneath so mice won't get into the insulation

very cool.  Keep the pics coming.  :)

The yurt has gone up. I put a wood stove in .. I was up there for a couple of days and have been trying to bring in wood (by hand) before alot of snow falls .. I had cut alot of birch and some maple/oak into 10 foot logs last summer and put them under a tarp .. I took those out and cut them to size and split them by hand and they have been burning ok. I don't have the wood stove pics online yet, I used a cedar log to hold the stove pipe up .. I dug as far as I could into the ground (2 feet) and then put two chimney blocks on the ground with the log in the middle ..

 I want to insulate the floor. The boards underneath are 2x6 with about 14-15 inches between them. I am looking for recommendations one what type of plywood to use underneath to hold the insulation and create a sandwich of insulation ..

 notice my custom stairs thrown together with cedar logs. A bit of a hack for now, I just stuck a board on the top step as it was a bit slippery with just a log (not shown in pic). Not sure if there stairs would be suitable for my 80 year old mother to use if she ever came up, probably not.

 I called an insurance company who  said that a yurt is a portable structure and my home owners insurance should be able to cover me as personal property. I had talked to my agent several months ago and did not get that impression from him, but am planning on calling him tomorrow and if he can't do it for me, I will look into other insurance companies .. I seem to have a fear of a tree falling on it. Cedar trees seem to creak alot in the wind and exacerbate my fears a bit. I had to drop 2 trees that where dead after the platform went up. It was a bit of a stressful situation as for one the trees where on the property line and I had to get permission from the guy next door. They where leaning towards the yurt platform and I needed help from other people to drop them with chains and winch so they would fall off to the side ..

That looks great!

How's the inside temperature/comfort factor when you have the wood stove going?


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