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Yaesu FT-817ND


Tomorrow's edition of TSP Hams will have its very first product review (as good a review as I could muster) and it will be for the FT-817ND. If anyone has one, please feel free to comment here.

After the issue is released, I will post the review here in this thread.

(Hopefully, this will begin a weekly tradition which will fill this forum section with some worthwhile reviews AND your comments, corrections and critiques.)

In the mean time, lets hear from anyone who has owned one!

There are a number of things that are great about the 817nd unit. 

First,.. I have one.
Operation Modes with the 817nd I have completed:
HF Voice

While 'barefoot' (no external amplifier) the radio only musters about 5watts on all bands, it does quite well.  I have made a number of contacts on just 5w using UHF/VHF and on HF 20m.  While I don't have my log book with me currently, I believe the longest contact was about 900 miles.

Antenna does play a key role in the reception and transmit range.  My complete setup fits into a regular Dell laptop bag, with the exception of a 33' fiberglass kite pole.

I am quite happy with it and it's big brother the FT-857.

Do you have any pictures of this radio and the antena you used ? Thanks Ed

Eddie - Just noticed your question, I don't have any pictures of the radio with me,.. but I'll be happy to take some and link them up for you.


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