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NOW--Turtle Tuff Shelters at Safecastle Royal!


JC Refuge:
Have a look-see in our store at what we just listed this afternoon ...

Turtle Tuff Shelters:

Turtle Tuff Shelters are unique. They are lightweight, portable, strong, low-cost, quality geodesic dome shelters. The geodesic dome is the lightest frame structure in existence for its weight. Cover and floor materials resist UV rays, high winds, rain, and snow for many years.

The Turtle Tuff is not a tent, but a very strong home away from home. It can be used in an emergency (earthquake, hurricane, etc.) to relocate to a safe area and within a few hours, be set up with a safe dwelling for the family in any weather.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this new product line.

Just uploaded the Turtle Tuff Shelter Demo Video! Check it Out!

After my 24' turtle tuff shelter sat in my garage for a year, I decided to put it to work.  Set it up (by myself in about 4 hours) and stretched greenhouse plastic over it.  It makes a great greenhouse.  I also have two hammocks hanging in it.  It is very strong at the joints.  It has also withstood the strong winds we get.  I put several rain barrels inside to act as a thermal mass, but alas it got cold real early this season (below zero F in November) and my Fall garden didn't make it to Christmas as I had hoped.  (Although we did have swiss chard and spinach up until December).


JC Refuge:
That's cool, Herbdoc! If you can get around to it, some pictures here would be great!

Hare of Caerbannog:
Very informative video.
This would be perfect for when I begin construction on my house at my bug out location.
It would provide temporary housing/office while the house is being built and if I need to leave the construction site for whatever reason, I could just fold it up and take it with me.
For roughly the price of a small uncomfortable used camp trailer I could have a spacious portable multi-use structure.
Very nice.


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