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--- Quote from: shingman on August 01, 2009, 08:50:31 AM ---Please tell me the minimum amount of wind that can run a small wind turbine for house hold electricity.? I have a feeling that I don,t live in the right part of the country for a turbine! I do remember growing up that we use to have windmills in this area on farms. What do you think? (Central SC)

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im in aiken, SC and i have a wind turbine, it makes great power considering SC is a low wind area. feel free to ask any questions u may have. its mounted on a 27ft tower i made myself, if i were to do it again i would just buy a freestanding tower but its more money upfront, im happy either way the free standing tower just would of been allot less work. lol

i'll post up some videos.

oh, and i do not rely on the wind turbine for everyday power, but it is nice to have it on the windy and stormy days when a solar panels aren't doing much anyway.

also, your very own specific location could be better than the state average like mentioned before, could also be worse, i think i just lucked out and happen to be in a good wide open spot.

anyway, ask away


I am getting ready to build one of these. I live near the coast in S. CA. plenty of wind.


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