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Here is HelixWind's fact sheet concerning their noise measurements. Its only a one page pdf, but it does give more details on their measurements. They checked the sound level at a distance of 5 feet, using a NIST certified sound level meter. At wind speeds of less than 7m/s, they could not detect any noise. With wind speeds greater than 7m/s, their measurements varied between 0 and 4 dB(A). In both cases the ambient noise levels with the turbine stopped varied between 5 and 10 dB(A). So ambient noise varied by a greater amount than total noise the turbine produced, meaning the turbine is virtually silent.

I looked at all these things before, the video was part of the PV installer course #2 is taking because he asked about making a hybrid wind/solar system. They look and sound rather quiet but I woul have to really experience it first hand before I would feel comfortable plunking down almost 18K for the S594.

  Most Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (the normal blades out from type) don't start making useful energy until 6-8mph wind.  This can, however, be worked around by wiring more phases (7 instead of 3) and more propellers.  That still doesn't get you much gain and you lose some performance in stronger winds, but you are better off getting a little power most hours of the day than a lot of power once or twice per month.  The more blades you add the more torque you have but it reduces the top speed of the turbine.  This is why all those water pumping windmills you see on the farms have a lot of blades; it takes a lot of torque to pump water out of a little hole in the ground.  There are several sites you can go online to find information and methods to make your own.  Here are a few of my favorites.


Don't forget...

Windspeeds vary widely depending on the exact location.

If you live in a city between two tall buildings, you may end up with quite an impressive little wind tunnel, increasing your energy output by double or triple what the map may indicate possible.

If you live in the country, clear air paths and elevation are your friends. Mounting a turbine on a tower can get some dramatically increased wind speed over placing it on the roof. Even if you DO place it on your roof, placing it in such a way that it catches the wind blowing off the top edge of the roof may help quite a bit.

The best way to find the right spot for your wind turbine? Spend a little time doing a wind audit and try several good possible locations with one of these...

Hi, I think the wind turbine is the Vital part of the wind power generation. Actually I want to know about its use. Suppose I have to generate 1000 watt power then what wind turbine should I use?


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