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I logged in and don't see much content and alot of things with prices attached.  When I signed up early I was under the impression this would be included in the price.  What am I missing here?

Is anyone trying out the recipes ?  I've tried some.  Was hoping to see more interaction among the students here but there doesn't seem to be any.  I would love to share ideas here.  Cathy

Which ones have you tried Cathy?  I could use a buddy to motivate me to give some a spin.

So far I've tried the mexican rice, confetti rice ( i substitute hot peppers in this for the regular peppers, it's really good).  I've also made the leek and potato soup, red pepper hummus, and carribean beans and rice.

I always substitute parsley for cilantro, because my husband doesn't like it. He says it tastes like soap, I never taste soap, but whatever.

I haven't tried any of the freeze dried recipes.  Has anyone ?  I don't know how to figure out where to get these ingredients.  There are so many companies that do this, it's overwhelming.  That seems like an entire new way of cooking.

Try the recipes, they've all been good so far and they don't take hours to prepare.

My brother can’t stand cilantro.  Fortunately that isn’t a problem for anyone in my immediate family.  We did the mexican rice and loved it to.  How was the Potato and Leek soup?


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