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Wind energy Breakthrough? new 2011


Got a magazine/flyer advertisement in the mail the other day. On the cover the "engaging head line" is
WIND ENERGY Breakthrough SENY :600% price jump in 2011? 
Obviously an advertisement almost burned it  but started to read it while I was burning other junk mail.  Sounds like they will enter the market in fall of 2011.  With a new type of wind turbine that collects wind from 360* priced and manufactured for the average home owner?  To be carried in Home Depot and such?

Didn't read the entire ad just enough to make me think this might be worth looking into.  I really don't know a dang thing about wind energy.  I wouldn't even know where to begin other than here.  Currently I am so busy trying to get food production up my head is spinning.

  We will be looking into energy just not able to do it right now.  I thought maybe you guys might be interested?  Have you ever heard of them? Did you get the ad? could this be a good investment opportunity?   Just another company profiting on the "Green" thing? What ever your thought I'd like to hear.        founder? Dieter Sauer  SENY =stock symbol

[Phone number deleted at the request of the company.]

I think they did the same thing last year, I remember seeing info and watching some videos about them. Pretty simple design actually, just uses a recurve blade mounted vertically instead of horizontally. Same thing could be done with DIY kits if anyone tried.

Is this on store shelves yet?  It's 2013 and I'm wondering what happened with this, if anything.

I actually saw something similar at Lowes the other day, but it was $4500 for a 500 watt turbine...


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