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July Drawing up

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First, my apologies for not getting this done earlier (as in 3 months ago).  I've been swamped bringing a new web site online and the drawing just seemed to always fall off the plate.  So, this time I've got a great bunch of stuff up for grabs.  There is a small change:

You can only enter once on the web site (per drawing) but for each order you place you get five entries.  Just mention TSP in the check out comments.  If you placed an order in April, May, June, or July and didn't mention TSP just send an email with your order number and I'll make it happen.  ;)

Sign up here.  Good luck!

Last chance bump.  ;)

The drawing was held and the winner was sent an email.  Hopefully he will reply here.  Thanks for participating!

I haven't decided what to give away for August but you can sign up now.  :)

I didnt get the email, try sending it again. :D

Haha.  The winner hasn't responded yet so I might have to draw again so all hope isn't lost.  Yet.  ;)


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