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Snow storm wallops Pacific Northwest - State of Emergency Still in Effect

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This article made me laugh.  We have another name for ‘bomb cyclone' around here, Spring.
Central U.S. ‘bomb cyclone’ to generate blizzard, flooding and severe storms midweek

‘bomb cyclone'


David in MN:
The back shed is unopenable. Snow up to my knees. Learned the hard way trying to get my plant propagation gear.

I think it's been a hard year all around snow wise.

Mr. Bill:
And the aftermath (courtesy of Washington State Fire Wire on Facebook):

--- Quote ---WILDFIRE ACTIVITY - WASHINGTON STATE: Warm, dry weather coupled with an East Wind event have resulted in 25 wildfires for a combined 313 acres. 24 of those fires started in Western Washington. Just caught word of resource requests happening for a 100+ acre fire (possibly southwest WA - Lewis County which was listed at 80 acres yesterday), though we haven't had that confirmed as of yet.
--- End quote ---


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