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Can I paint my MURs antenna?

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--- Quote from: TexasGirl on September 10, 2011, 04:03:17 PM ---Paint should not affect RF propagation if it doesn't contain any metals.  Some reds have significant iron oxide, some white's titanium oxides, etc.  Keep in mind that even if it does affect RF propagation, it may be negligible at the short ranges most MURS applications operate at. 

Can you test by covering the unit with tape and plastic then spray?  If you notice a problem after it dries, strip it and regroup.  If it works fine, strip it and paint a permanent coat.


--- End quote ---

TG, are you an RF engineer, as I am?  You sure seem to know a lot about radio.

I painted my Dakota with camo paint.  No issues.  Also for a more stealthy appearance you can fashion an antenna out of a piece of wire connected to BNC connector instead of the shiny metal antenna that comes with it.

If you do see problems. I have heard of people using heat shrink tubbing to coverup there antennas.


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