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Foraging New England


My youngest has recently taken an interest in foraging in general, and mushrooms in particular.  Foraging has never really been something I was into, so I will be studying up.  Anybody have suggestions on plants or mushrooms commonly found in New England for foraging? 

I don't forage outside of my own property.  I have eaten dandelions, lambs quarters, black raspberries, and autumn olive berries from my yard. 

Here are 2 links for more info.

Which state ?

Groundnut is the most nutritional Wild plant in North America and is found in New England

The only mushrooms I forage are oyster mushrooms, chicken of the woods and maitake (hen of the woods). Those types are easy enough for me to identify

There are mushroom forage groups where you can go out foraging with knowledgeable people. I went on one once but I am not super serious about mushroom foraging. The group I found was on

You have to be careful because some mushrooms are very poisonous and they look similar to other types


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