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Permaculture my orchard


Nomad, 2nd:
So, New orchard (little over 2 acres, away from my existing fruit and nut trees, but closer to the site I want to put my ICF house in 5-6 years)

7 chestnuts at the entry, (pecans and cherries along the driveway elsewhere.)
In the orchard is about 40 assorted apples, a few pears (with room for more)
Several types of plums, figs, and peaches. There are also blueberries in the orchard, and blackberries, rasberries, and quince along the border.

I want a few more cherries and pomegranates, that's about it.
(Ok, it'll never stop, but "mostly" done.)
I'll be putting in random nut trees and maples next, very tempted to put redwoods at my corner markings.

Next year grapes go in on the other side of the driveway.

Ground cover is white clover to give me time to establish buffalo grass (uses little water and doesn't grow above 8" tall.)

Right now I'm hauling water, but I'll be piping water over from a spring shortly.

Most of my gardening is raised beds (~1,400 sqft, more will go by the house)  with preference given to perrenials. Egyptian walking onion, elephant garlic, Jerusalem Artichokes etc some herlum beans and cowpeas, strawberries, and regular garden/salad stuff. (Every year I experiment.... This year it's sorgum and amaranth)

I'm soliciting suggestions as to useful additions to the orchard (lower level, below the trees.)
Zone 6.

Oh, one thing: have about a 60' stretch with water from a few inches to 2' down. If I don't get to turn it into a well I will plant something that likes wet feet (perched water table, slope of a Ozark mtn, South East facing)
Any ideas other than cranberries?

Thank you

I don't have any ideas for the wet area, but I'm strongly planning on adding hazelnuts (or filberts) to our orchard. So far we only have English walnuts and pecans, but I am also hoping to add the hazelnuts...

It sounds like you have a solid mix of fruits, nuts, and perennial veggies.  Plus I'm jealous of the space!   

My vote:  Nitrogen fixers.  You've got a good mix to feed humans and animals.  But only clover and grasses to feed the plants that a feeding the humans and animals.  On the surface, nitrogen fixers seem boring.  But once you look at a few lists, there are some good perennial fruit-bearing (or other purposes) options.

There are tons of "lists" online like the one linked below.

A tree that's not on the list that will add some aesthetic beauty is the Eastern Redbud.  Not sure how it'll do in your area, but it's a really good looking tree.

A food forest permaculture guy you may be interested in is Stefan Sobkowiak.  He's Canadian, but the concepts transfer just with different plants.  He uses a simple "trio" layout for biodiversity.  He uses the acronym N-A-P (nitrogen fixer - apple - pear/plum).


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