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So I've been reworking my EDC.  As I sit back and study what's in my EDC, I took a look at the edged tools I have in my Maxpedition pouch.  Initially I had a multitool and a razor knife in there.  I also carry a small multitool in my pocket at all times.  It got me thinking that I really don't need that extra multitool in my EDC.  It is just taking up space.  I have pliers and a knife blade on my pocket multitool and when I'm at work, I have a pair of pliers in my desk, along with a pocket knife.  In my car there's a pair of pliers and a couple of knives in my GHB and in my tool kit.  So why do I need another multitool?

But I didn't want to have just the razor knife.  So I thought back to the tools I use often.  And scissors came to mind.  I use them far more often than a knife.  I use them when in the garden, when I'm at my desk, when I'm running cables and many other times.

So I added a pair of Klein 2100 scissors to my EDC.  They are meant for electricians, but they are great all around scissors.  They will handle snipping fine thread or cutting paper, or they will cut through a copper penny.  They are super useful and I got the ones with the wire stripping notches.

Anyone else carrying scissors in their EDC pouches?

The Klein scissors are good performers. I need to get another one for my bag. Thanks for the reminder.


these are great

Nah, those are way to small for my uses.  I need more cutting power than a pair of 3 1/2" scissors is likely to provide.  I also think they wouldn't be too comfortable.

Maybe they would be great for a much smaller kit.

In my leather shop I use E-Z Cut by C.S.Osborne & Co. I cut 7 to 9 oz leather easily. Also they do not have points on the end.


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