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My short artice on the CAC team


Meant to write this since before Harvey.

Citizens Assisting Citizens & Cajun Navy. Two quite different disaster response teams

if you do not want to suffer Google translate, I make the basic points. Volunteer work, distributed organizing, low overhead, small to get thru the cracks.

I couldn't get the translation to work, could somebody post it in English.

proceed at your own makes sense mostly LOL

Citizens Assisting Citizens & Cajun Navy. Two different groups dealing with natural disasters.

These are two groups with a different approach to their function and their composition. They are small for US data, more volunteer and unofficial and less structured.

The CAC (Citizens Assisting Citizens) Team sprang through The Survival Podcast Forum (which happens to be part of). It is organized in branches per state and its targeting is action at neighboring level.
Its orientation is to assist in "little things" that usually escape the attention of large volunteer and professional groups.
With long distances that characterize the US, small communities have a low priority and there is room for small groups to act.
So volunteers arrive with an energy supply unit in their vehicles and needing species that are usually deficient in natural disasters.
For example, the latest natural disasters have shown that the usual needs are diapers and infant milk, water filters, lack of prescription drugs, and the inability of the population to go to headquarters or pharmacies. cover.

Two more features of the CAC Team are:
A. It uses the Quick Go to Needs Detection method. So the members who follow the first are informed and buy the supplies from the areas outside the zone of destruction.
B. It is based solely on volunteers and is organized in a decentralized way so as to have low operating costs. In direct contrast to major international organizations, the fraction of funds and contributions collected are reaching the areas of disaster and need.

Cajun Navy

The Cajun Navy is also "unofficial". These are basically the unwitting volunteers who responded to the call to help and unblock people in the big flood in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina.
They re-activated the floods of Louisiana in 2016 and the floods of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.
Of course, with these typical boats it is ideal to reach anywhere in the flooded area. Also interesting is that in their action they used Zello network telephony and received help calls directly from those in need.

Something that happened in the Cajun Navy - and is typical of spontaneous volunteers - is that it was challenged even after its second intervention, precisely because it was spontaneous and uneducated volunteers.
Although there is reason to do so, because the untrained person can become the same problem, there is another view, the one that says: "How can you, if you are young, do more than the big and responsible?"

We hope to move your mind. Space for a natural disaster exists for everyone.

Good stuff greekman. Gotta love goggle translation.

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