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In keeping with the spirit of pantry available items.  I would suggest that alternative spice blends be provided in the recipes.  Not everyone will have
Harvest Eating Grilled Chicken seasoning or Northern Italian Spice Blend.  For beginners especially, they may not know what exactly goes into these. 

It's a good point...for the Italian, any Italian seasoning can be substituted....for the chicken equal parts paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin.... will be a reasonable substitution...but...I have stopped suggesting them because I was afraid that many folks would not have I am formulating without them now...


Thanks for the follow up Keith.  No need to give up trade secrets, but general guidance is helpful. 

Anyone have suggestions for cutting and chopping onions without burning and tears ?  I have tried different suggestions for years and I am just a mess when doing this. My eyes burn and the tears are unbelievable.  I have to stop and take some time after i chop onions to move on. I have used a processor but is this the answer ?  Sometimes I watch cooking shows, they chop onions, no problem, but it is never discussed how they do it with no tears.



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