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Noah Darco:
Made Caribbean Black Beans & Rice last night with enthusiastic help from one of the boys while my wife was out.

We made some substitutions based on what we actually had on hand in the pantry - a different type of chili peppers, non-smoked tomatoes, dried oregano instead of fresh cilantro (used that up the other night in Green Rice - need to try cilantro in the windowsill or even under a grow light during the winter).

The pot of beans looked big enough to feed an army, but went fast. The kids ate heartily, and even my wife - whose cooking prowess and accomplishments dwarf mine - was very vocal in her appreciation, in between bites.

The Caribbean Black Beans & Rice recipe was a big success here. The rice alone, with its "secret ingredient," was exquisite. If I can make this and get rave reviews from a gourmand like my wife, anybody can!

Sorry, no pictures this time. I was too busy eating to plate it up all fancy for the camera.

CPT Morgan:
Based on Carl's recommendation on a different thread, I was going to come home and make fried bean patties for dinner tonight.  But, when I opened the door I smelled an aroma that could only mean that my wife put a beef roast on the slow cooker before she left for work this morning...  And it was my turn to cook!

I just watched the Caribbean Black Beans & Rice video and had some questions...

Is the basmati rice at 0:41 dry out of the bag or did you rinse it first to get rid of some of the "starchiness"?
At 3:09 it looks like the black beans are in some kind of sauce/juice. Is that just the liquid they came canned in? If not, what is it?

Hoping to give this a try soon, but I need to pick up some of the ingredients first.

Noah Darco:
I rinsed my rice 4-5 times as per the directions in "Rice Cooking Tips".

This recipe is designed to use seasoned black beans, so all the juice/sauce from the cans should be included in your concoction. The ones I used simply had salt added, and were pre-cooked as I'm pretty sure all canned beans are.

Let us know if you have more questions - and let us know how it goes.

Noah/Chef Keith,

I have a question regarding the beans....  I am to the Lentil & Veg soup recipe (haven't actually cooked any of the bean recipes yet) but notice so far most of the beans you use are going straight into the pot without soaking? but the earlier part of the bean course says to soak dried beans to leach out all the toxins.  Are there only certain types of beans that should be soaked first? 

Thank you!


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