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Noah Darco:
I tried making Green Rice from the course last night.

First thing I did wrong was to not turn my stove down low enough to just simmer the rice, so I had clumpy rice sticking to the bottom of the pan several minutes before it was supposed to be done. I leftovered that disaster for rice porridge another day, and tried again. Turned the gas literally as low as it would go for the simmer, and my jasmine rice came out perfect.

I boosted the garlic content from the recipe a little, based on my family's tastes. It's amazing how much a big handful of cilantro wilts down to fit into a dish like this.

I added a dash of ground red chili pepper flakes and a splash of fish sauce to my own serving in the bowl. Yum!

Looks solid Noah, more green onions would be nice.. I do like the fish sauce's amazing how a flavorful bowl of rice can be so satisfying.

I often take that same recipe, place a mound of that in a large bowl..then surround it with my toasted garlic toamto about flavor....Shazammmm


My wife and I watched the Mexican Rice recipe this evening and plan to try it this weekend.  I noticed, Chef Keith, that you go with white rice in most if the recipes we skimmed.  For food storage and meal-making, do you have an opinion on using/storing medium grain brown rice?

Noah Darco:
I'm a fan of brown rice, myself.

From the course:

--- Quote ---...the oils [in brown rice] will turn boldly, pungently rancid within a few short weeks if brown rice is stored at room temperature.

If you enjoy eating brown rice, its nutritional superiority merits a place in your food storage plan, but only as a minority percentage of your overall rice stores, since it must be kept frozen, and rotated religiously.
--- End quote ---

All of the rice recipe videos in the course so far depict white rice, since it is a lot more flexible for long-term storage, but we will cover brown rice substitution guidelines in an upcoming section, with the idea that you can use either/or based on your personal preferences and storage plan.

Made the risotto the first night. Nailed it. Entire family enjoyed it.
I thought it was coming along just fine as I taste tested it, but adding the condensed milk & Parmesan at the end really changed it into something out of this world. Obviously, I had never had risotto before. Now I can see why it's a big deal. And why we used to enjoy Dave Ramsey chewing out wannabe chefs on his show about it.

Having gotten the hard one out of the way, I look forward to trying an easier rice dish tomorrow.

Thanks for the recipe. I found the video very useful to play over & over as I followed it.


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