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Air sources for PCP? Shoebox compressor?

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Has anybody tried the Shoebox compressor?

Seems like for PCP options are:
1. Hand pump
2. Dive shop/scuba tank/highly compressed air from local fire department
3. Spend a wheelbarrow full of money for a 3000 psi compressor.
4. Spend a shoebox full of money on the shoebox compressor & stock up on replaceable parts.

Am currently filling a scuba tank at my local VFD w/a pump as backup, but I saw a post by IKN about this compressor and am wondering if it's any good (or if anybody's got a better idea for PCP).
The fact that the manufacturer designed it so that ordinary mortals can do maintenance AND keep a large stock of parts on-hand is REALLY appealing - if it works...

I don't own a PCP, but was considering purchasing one which is how I ran across the Shoe Box compressor. More recently, I was watching a YouTube video by Air Guns South Africa (if I remember correctly). One of the episodes he does some reviews of his equipment and has another brand of compressor (don't remember the brand), do some price checking.
Consider how much you use your PCP, while it would be cheaper and more convenient to have your own compressor, consider how long it would take to offset the cost of the compressor.
I've even seen homemade rigs that hook up a motor to a hand pump. Be careful if you go this route, hand pumps build up a lot of heat even using manually. I know they suggest stopping after so many pumps to allow cooling. This will be even more important if being operated by a motor as it will cycle faster.

TwangandBang did a comparative review last week of shoebox vs the Air Venturi Electric Compressor.  You might want to add that to your list of options:

Also, the slingshot channel recently showed how you could take a hand pump and use a motor to drive it like IKN mentioned. That was the chespest automated option overall.  I cant find the video right now but think  it was in the last three months.

Found the video for "World's Ugliest, Lousiest 4000 psi compressor. Ever. Guaranteed.":  But it works!

Woo hoo!  $200  4500 PSI compressor!


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