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Wind power concerns in Florida

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--- Quote from: Mad_Man on May 22, 2009, 06:21:48 PM ---Now, if you want something cool to wake you up.   We are under the flight path of the returning space shuttles.  It never fails I will be taking a nap when one comes over.  Rattles the whole house and you wonder 'what the HELL???' before you remember.   Oh, we do get freezes, at least in my area.  I lost 3 macadamian nut trees this past winter due to Jack Frost.  Very annoying.   

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's gotta be pretty awesome! The biggest thing that flies over here is 747, but I'm sure they're much quieter!

I had a friend in Tampa that was amazed when her outdoor pool had a little layer of ice floating in it. As far as I know, she'd never seen snow. I moved to Toronto a year ago, and I actually missed the cold of winter. It only got down to 0F here. I'd probably melt in Florida!


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