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iron mike:
A really cheap or even free burner can be made by rolling 1" wide corrigated cardboard strips into a tuna can.

Melt candle stubs or parrifin wax & pour into the card bord..

These make great hiking stoves or BOB cookers.   The cburner can be placed between 2 logs or inside a small inverted coffee can (cut a few breathing hole in the side)   

If you have to abbandon camp during meal prep,  you're only leaving a few cents of wax at the most.

Seems simple & expedient enough.  Got any pics or links?

I'd imagine that having a little bit bigger tuna can to put over to smother the burner was be a nice add-on. It doesn't weigh much, it could be used as a mini pot, you could nest it in the can while traveling, etc.  I guess I don't like the idea of putting it out by blowing on it, even if it is basically a candle.

Great idea Iron Mike.


Here is a link to a small, alcohol burner to use in case of emergencies to keep warm:

And here is a page of links I have for small, alcohol stoves you can cook on that are made from soda/beer/other small cans:

Making/testing these are both on my To Do list.

Bacon grease also works for this stove, but you have to keep the the cans in the freezer. That and it makes you want bacon when you fire one up  ;D


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