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Problem w/ Bulk Ammo MSB discount?

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Last night I ordered from Bulk Ammo.  When I entered the MSB discount code, a message popped up saying that the code was invalid.  I double and triple checked to make sure I was using the proper code.  Have they stopped honoring the MSB discount, or was it a temporary glitch in the system.  I completed my order anyway, but it should have qualified for a discount since it was over $200.

I'd call them.

(800) 720-6035

I'm having the same problem. I tried calling but apparently they are "busy assisting other customers."  I'm emailing them now.

I contacted them (through the link on their site this morning) after trying to place a second order and getting the same message.  I'll let you all know if/when I get a response and what the deal is.

I got a response this morning via email. They have fixed the problem.


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