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Rats from hell. Need advice.

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Every year after the first cold spell I get rats under the house.  They tell me they have arrived by gnawing on the wood under the floor. Talk about nightmares!  Each year I take the service panel to get to the shower/tub pipes loose and put in a box of rat pellets under the bathtub.  Bye.  They are gone in a day or so.  When my DH was alive he had great fun with his 22  shooting them as they came from the barn at night.  They get really big out here, but the poison does the trick for me.

How do i get a neighborhood cat into my backyard?

Call DEV and let him sweet talk ;D

I have seen the sharpshooter approach used to good effect:  droplight + peanut butter + pellet gun + airgun scope.  Will try this when I get a scope. I've dispatched a few with open sights but I'd like to improve my bullet placement. 

Our neighborhood had many rats a few years ago.  I have just been using rat traps and catch a couple a week.  Dunno if they are going elsewhere or are below critical mass, but there appear to be far fewer than before.  Maybe I've just culled the dumb/obvious ones.

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Hi, DEV  :popcorn:


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