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Why bother? (Playing devil's advocate)

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Trusty Mutsi:
I'm taking my first baby steps towards being at least 50% self sufficient, starting with the home drill, learning how to start a campfire, doing some camping instead of playing video games, and buying a firearm. I'm totally on board with surviving.

But I have this little voice in the back of my head that keeps going through this scenario:

Okay, Let's say it's 2 years from now and I've done a LOT towards being 50% self sufficient, actually have some land in the back woods, I've hooked up with a community, and will be able to get by for at LEAST a month or two, hopefully longer. I have a shotgun/rifle as well.

Then 5-10 grasshoppers who didn't prepare find and storm my home and take everything.

Am I naive in thinking that pretty much any scenario will eventually end like this? I'm not trying to be antagonistic at all about this, or cynical. I'm pretty sure I'm just still very uneducated or naive, seeing as how my interests for most of my life have been wasted on playing video games and messing with the computer, and any marketable skills are in my artwork, so I really have no survival skills or experience. Almost everything Jack talks about (economy, descriptions of firearms, survival equipment) goes largely over my head, and I need to re-listen or google it.

So I said all that to say, I realize I'm probably missing something here, like making sure you're hooked up with a community of like-minded people who will look out for each other.

I still wanted to bring up the scenario and see what everyone thinks.

I don't think that is an unreasonable scenario to consider, but it's also something you can plan for.
In fact I personally believe part of having preps is having the means and a plan to defend them.

Some Suggestions:
- Make your property and home more defensible.
- Have a way to secure your supplies.
- Cache some supplies somewhere on your land in case you have to flee your residence.

Your best defense maybe hiding the fact that you've got preps.

-- Jeremy

Yeah, the threat of being overrun and kicked out of your ant hill is something you should consider.  Caching at least a BOB with good survival gear may be the best option.  Put a pistol, ammo, collapsible rifle (or disassembled one), etc. in there for your protection out in the wild as well.  If they get lazy, you may be able to retake your property, but don't put yourself in unnecessary harm.  It will most likely be best to cut your losses and move on.  You're a survivalist and you can get by on whatever you have available to you.  =-]


 How can you really protect your stuff when you are not around ? Suppose you have to go someplace for a few days, someone could break in when you are not there or even while you are at work, out buying groceries or something. I guess you could be creative in where you put stuff, hide it in places, inside of secret chambers in the walls.

 How could you have some sort of outdoor cache that would be protected from moisture and so on ? Maybe you could have some sort of large chest in an underground vault with a trap door entrance at ground level.

 The more society breaks down, the more challenging it could get to try to protect yourself. You could be injured or spend alot of energy worrying that the guy you wounded who was on your property might come back in the middle of the night. If you have to worry about people coming into your house and robbing you, you might not be able to sleep very well at night.

 Even the police could become corrupt and expect people to pay bribes to get off of false charges of speeding and so on. You could have all this food and survival gear loaded into your car and headed off to Idaho and the police might stop you and try to take your stuff away.


My Dad used to say "Won't nothing get a duck in trouble but his bill."  Keep your mouth shut about what you have.  Cache important items in 3-4 different spots.  If they show up, try to look like you are sick and starving to death.  Lead them to the obvious cache, and cry that they are taking all you have.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket.  You can be in a community of like minded people without giving them a full inventory of your store.


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