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check this set up out

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--- Quote from: Archer on November 16, 2008, 12:45:49 AM ---I agree! We need smart people like this in the Gov...

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No.  No you don't.  These kind of folks are better left in the real world where they can accomplish these kind of things.  You put him in a gov't position, you'd never see the end product.  And, in 30 years, when it finally DOES come out, it'll be 10 times as expensive and 1/8 as efficient and taxed and regulated to beat hell.
Maybe the next generation gov't, but nothing within the next 30yrs.

Ok, I'll agree, the next generation of Gov. This one needs a major enema to wash out decades of crap..
This man needs to promote this technology and spread around his knowledge/experience.

yeah if we could get him on here, that dude could probally answer all the questions.

Yeah and make us all start asking.... 'How do I do that?'

It is a very cool system using several new ideas - residential applications anyway.  The obvious drawback is cost.  The solar panels on his roof probably set him back almost $50,000 not including installation, brackets or wiring - just the panels.

My guess is that the entire system was easily $100,000.  It is a good start and a good case study for possibilities, but it also demonstrates the drawbacks of current technology and manufacturing processes.


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