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Title: Dry hopping and exploding beer bottles
Post by: Mr. Bill on October 05, 2018, 10:52:27 AM

Ars Technica, 10/5/18: How to get that great “hoppy” beer taste without the exploding bottles (

...Far from being the chemically inert ingredient brewers have long assumed, hops contain starch enzymes that, under certain conditions, can boost their activity to such a great extent that excessive re-fermentation occurs ("hop-creep").

"The hops are taking something that's considered by brewers to be unfermentable, and breaking them down to the point where they can actually referment, or become fermentable, or potentially contribute to sweetness, as beer ages,"...

Dry hopping is a way to put more hops in beer without getting that excessive bitterness. It's added during or after the fermentation stage, after the wort has cooled. In this case, there is no isomerization of the alpha acids, so you get all the aromatic hoppy flavor without too much bitterness. Brewers can use as much as 20 times the usual amount of hops if they're dry-hopping. The tradeoff is that you're also likely to get hop creep. ...