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Title: The Survival Podcast Forum NEWSLETTER: our latest "Best Of" threads!
Post by: Mr. Bill on May 07, 2012, 01:28:39 PM
Our newsletter gives you links to some of our best current topics on the forum.  You can subscribe to receive the newsletter by e-mail here (

You can also read a web version of the newsletter.  Here's the complete archive. (

Links to the individual issues:

01/11/2012 (
The TSP Forums Newsletter is almost here
What you will find in the newsletter...
What you WON'T find in the newsletter...
The Geographical Regions & "Meet'n'Greets"

01/14/2012 (
Cedar's January 2012 Pantry Challenge
Cohutt's Garden
Doc K's Medicine List
Coconut Oil?! (Ever heard a coconut squeak?)
Freeze dry your own food?! Sure!
A sort of slippery topic
An awesome solar project
All wrapped up with a bow

01/28/2012 (
M109A3 - My soon to be new and improved BOV
Your single most important prep/survival item?
What did you do today to prep...
The Camelbak thread
Krav Maga
Stupid questions about wind
Emergency Babywearing
Crossbreed Holsters

02/19/2012 (
Lead, ammunition, and pregnant women...
Internet in the boonies
Where are the Great on-line ammo deals?
Advice on a primary Backpacking blade
What might be some preps we've overlooked?
Man pulled out of snowed-in car after being stuck 'for months' Alive
Cover crops
Anatomy of a Grasshopper: Profiles in the Unprepared

02/26/2012 (
DIY: Canned Bacon!
Chickens, Virginia and the Automatic Devils!
How to store all those canned goods
A Pocket Radio for your BOB
Bow Drill: Can you start a fire with one?
What is an heirloom seed?
How much wheat DO you have?
What to read...What to read...

03/11/2012 (
Emergency Blankets
Tell us about Your Dehydrator
Marlin Papoose vs. AR-7
How do you know when your compost is done?
Considering Your First Handgun?
Tending to Chickens While Away from Home
Geothermal Heat Pump systems
Single 55-Gallon Barrel Aquaponics

03/18/2012 (
How's your night vision?
Hey, buddy! Can ya spare a light?
Book: The Unthinkable
The TSP Workout of the Day
Shipping Containers for Underground Storage
Explosion-Proof Battery Enclosures
"I've Got My Orange Crush...and I Feel Fine"
EDC: Tactical Pen

03/31/2012 (
Very Small Generators
The Homebrewers Board
Buying a Berkey
Planning a Homestead
Knife Sharpening
Defensible Homes & Landscapes
Cutting the Energy Bill
The Five Item Challenge

04/14/2012 (
Unnecessary Medical Tests?
Five-Gallon Food Storage
Lighten Up! (Your BOB)
Heating & Cooling the Homestead
Secure Portable Digital Storage
Big Rig Gear (or even Small Rig Gear!)
Off-Grid Travel Trailer
Thinking of joining the TSP Black Rifle Club?

05/05/2012 (
If I Wanted to Save America - YouTube Contest
Drilling a guerilla well
Shooting The Sling Bow In Slow Motion Video
Permaculture creates a stronger system...
Advice on a Rain Barrel Diverter System
Retail questions for accepting anything other than USD
Minimum size of community and land for survival tribe.
Building your own home cheaply

06/03/2012 (
EDC for the Ladies   
Aquaponics: "Takin' Care of Business"
Mercury Rising
Sealing a Wound
The Grinder
What's in the Truck?   
First Time Gun Owners: Convincing a Spouse
Leaking Roof?