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Syrian Refugees Needs as a Guideline for CAC teams gear

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I have compiled some info from local voluntary organizations that are asssisting the Syrian refugess in the shelters hastily erected around Greece.
There are some interesting ideas/things needs especially concerning the kid's needs.

Since the situation closely resembles that of a mass weather destruction event, I think it can be of use.

if there is interest i can put all in a larger list, translate and post here.

We are always looking for ways to improve the ways we help those in need.  It would be appreciated if you could compile and translate that list.  If you do not want to post it, you could PM me with it.

Thank you

Executive Director

once done Ferfal will reproducing it also....
Starting from that I will let you on the often lost details.

This sounds like a great guide to the basic needs of people...whether it is for your own needs or that of others.

here it is
unfortunately FerFal used the raw vesion of my text.

The point of studying the needed items is that the refugee situation in Greece is very alike an earthquake –or any large scale disaster- leaving thousands of people helpless.
It also speaks of the Greek state organization and preparedness level, but this I another subject

Items requested by the NGOs and volunteers for the refugee camps

First of all there were many things needed for infants and kids:
Baby food, Diapers, Strollers, Baby bottles, Feeding Bottle Sterilizer, Toys and Balls, Baby Clothes and Shoes.
Hygiene items were also asked. No need to mention anything specific, they need everything, but of note was that some asked for empty soap dispensers.

Comment: That makes the point of being able to setup a number of faucets on a 6-foot length of pipeline.
Among what the refugees were assign for was to take a bath to feel decent.

The same need for everything applies to Shelter and Bedding items, and one-use eating utensils. Regarding Blankets the Ngo were providing them with one and told them to keep them for the duration of their travel.

Regarding food, some items that were usually required were:
Condensed/Evaporated Milk, Sugar & Crackers, Snacks, Tea, Raisins, Cookies, Rusks, Nuts, Honey, Jams, and Tomato Paste.

Comment: I guess their large supplies were of basic staple foods with not much of the rest, especially breakfast items.

Then there are some noteworthy items either often required or were unexpected to see.
Rain ponchos and Wood (related to the bad weather conditions during the winter/early spring)
Bananas (seems they are a very good nutrition supplement)
Cell Chargers and Extension cords.
Drawing and Coloring items and also Balloons (the kids were overjoyed with that humble toy)

The refugees also seeked for free Wifi Access to connect home and browse for info.

Comment: While a lot of facebook pages and less often blogs were set up for the collection of items. I haven’t yet heard of any blog dedicated to the refugees needs and information.
I think it would be a good idea for a relief/volunteer team to prepare a blog ahead of time and fill it with info and links to reliable sources on the ground.

Lastly, and believe it or not, the refugees would benefit from some basic survival and bushcrafting instruction by knowledgable people on the spot. Enmassed on farm fields in Idomeni, their tents would get full of water when it rained sice no one knew that they would have to make a draining ditch.


Eye Drops
Nasal Decongestion Sprays
Throat lozenges
Bronchodilators (Albuterol)
Tongue Depressors
Syringes (5 & 10ml)
Paracetamol (and Cold & Flu and Cold & Cough versions)
Natural Tears
Sterile Irrigating Solution
Vitamin A Supplements
Anti-Diarrheal Drugs
Antihistaminic Creams
Baby Rash creams (zinc-oxide)
Hydrocortisone Creams
NSAID Ointments
Antiemetics (Anti vomit action)
Antacid Tablets
Urinary Infections Antibiotics
Antibiotic Impregnated Gauzes
Sunburn Treatment

Ferfal there were some more drugs that I cannot know what their type is called
Buscopan – Butylscopolamine

The medicine list is a good guide for those that want to keep a stock o emergency/disaster/preparedness medications at home.

Also here are some pics from my research that prortay vividly the situation

Idomeni from above

Idomeni after the rain

Aid Collection

Map of Aid Items Collection Points

In this video an older couple allowed them to take showers in their home


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