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Did CAC Deploy to South Carolina?


Seems like a good opportunity but I haven't heard anything about it.

The flooding was localized to a few very badly flooded areas that could be avoided.  The locals, National Guard, a few emergency services organizations got everything cleaned up pretty quickly (although they are not yet done).

There are still alot of dams that need remedial work now, and future improvements to keep them safe.  Alot of roads also need repairs.

So, even though the damage was severe, it can be worked around, and the CAC wasn't really needed.  Even most local church response groups did not activate even though we are only 30 to 90 miles from the worst of the flooding damage.

Yet I spent 3 days hauling bottled water, food, and relief supplies?!? Guess I should have kept my butt in the upstate since it wasn't needed.


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