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What is the status of this effort?

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Any updates?


--- Quote from: scottwold on October 18, 2013, 08:58:11 PM ---Any updates?

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Great question and I wonder how this could work with the Oath Keepers- Civil Preservation Team.

Either way we should still keep this in the spot light.

Stay safe.

Yes, we're still alive!!  It's been a painfully long process accomplishing all of the "administrative type" stuff that needs to be done.  After organizing a Board of Directors I was selected to be the Executive Director.  We incorporated in the state of Colorado as "CITIZENS ASSISTING CITIZENS"and with the floods and fires we encountered some delays.  We filed with the IRS for tax exempt status and are still awaiting a ruling.  We have opened the appropriate Pay Pal and bank accounts, but in good conscience haven't sought any donations until we hear from the IRS.  We are close to debuting our web site which will allow us to register volunteers and start organizing.  Most of us are/were first responders and are more accustomed to jumping into action right away, thank heavens we have lawyers, accountants, computer people and organizers (all volunteers) who make sure that everything is proper, legal and correct. 

Please feel free to communicate with me either here or by PM or e-mail should you desire.

Thanks and stay safe.

We are in need of some volunteers. We need people who are interested in being involved at the Board of Director level, we will need regional directors soon and anyone who is willing to help. We will have another meeting the first Tuesday of December 2013. If you want an invitation to the meeting, pm me your e-mail address and I will get back to you. Any questions you may have can be posted here. I know with the right people we can make a difference in people's lives.

The Board of Directors elected new Directors to fill the openings last night. We have a special meeting scheduled for next week to elect a new Chairman/Chief Governance Officer. We are moving forward and our Executive Director, Tom Patterson, is starting the process of selecting Regional Directors. We have been blessed with willing candidates from all 10 regions. Brothers and Sisters, 2014 is our year to go active and begin helping our fellow citizens.

Gregory M Gray, LMT
Director, Citizens Assisting Citizens, Inc.


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