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Title: Must-Listen Podcasts for TSP Newbies (And Oldbies)
Post by: Sister Wolf on August 14, 2009, 11:26:04 AM
Must-Listen Podcasts for TSP newbies (and oldbies)

If you're new to TSP, and are wondering just exactly where to start with the podcasts, here are a few of the moderator favorites, geared specifically toward those of you who want a better idea of what you're getting yourself into, how to get your spouse on board, and what to do first.

The Modern Survival Philosophy according to Jack (

The Typical View of "Survivalism" in the Media vs. Who We Really Are (

The Core Mission Of The Survival Podcast (

Getting Your Spouse On Board With Survival Planning (

Choosing between MREs and Rice & Beans (

Considering Alternative Investments For Modern Survivalism (

Developing The Survival Skills Set - Part 1 (

The Revolution Is You (

The Issues Test - Where Do you Stand on Key Issues and Why (

All of the podcasts are worth listening to, but so far, these are the ones that have really stood out as excellent introductory podcasts for those who want to know the very basics of who we are and the sort of choices we make every day and face in the future.