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Finally understand the solar concept, I feel that the contribution to the after life will be very large.

I'm using a SDS series from sun pumps:

My 200ft well has a static level of 10ft with 5+ GPM so I don't have the issues you guys have.  I can tell you that their pumps are really well built and you can buy rebuild kits to keep in your critical spare parts bin.

I'm using their controller/booster box and the pump uses just under 50 watts at the peak of my pressure tank.  If you run it from 12V into an open tank the power needs are much less.  I bet you could do a system pumping 200ft into an open tank with a 100W solar panel.

The flow rates are low on these pumps so you need to have some storage capability at ground level.

Im interested to see where this goes, I have a 300' deep well and the biggest load by far is the well pump(3HP/220V).  If there is a solar option that really works, Id be interested in it since right now the plan is to stack my 4kW inverters in order to handle the load along with others.

I would be interested in looking into a much lower power pump designed to move much smaller amounts of water but capable of the 300' lift. It will have to run a lot longer than your big 3 HP pump, but it won't tax your battery bank and use up a lot of your inverter capacity. (You might even get a DC motor and run directly off your battery bank with no inverter.)

Also, If you have water storage top-side then pumping water is a good application for solar power simply because you don't care if it's working or not at any given moment as long as it produces enough  water to meet your needs and keep your storage topped off. A relatively small pump lifting something like 1 gal / minute doesn't sound like it'd do anything until you realize it might run continuously 3-5 hours per day. That's 180-300 gallons daily, and while I'm no expert, it looks like such a pump could run pretty comfortably on about 200 W of solar panels, which is not outrageous at all. You may have a week of cloudy weather where it does very little for you, but on those occasions you still have a generator and a 3HP pump you can use to make up for any shortfall.

Just an idea I've been kicking around in my head recently...

Priceless information.  Thanks for posting Jazkal!


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