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About Sponsored Boards - READ BEFORE using this board.
« on: November 16, 2009, 09:50:23 AM »
This board is a Sponsored Board because it is used by the staff of one of our site sponsors to communicate with our forum members about both items they sell and to answer general questions that are specific to their area of expertise.  These boards are not openly available, they are offered only to active sponsors of The Survival Podcast's main website (located here  The total number of sponsored boards will always be limited because the total number of advertising spots on the show are limited in accordance with our advertising policy (which can be viewed here

Not all sponsors will choose to maintain a forum because it required a time commitment to the board.  Sponsors are expected to visit their board at least once a day and make their best effort to answer questions.

All posts in these forums must be either specific to the product line of the sponsor or generic as to their area of expertise.  No promotion of any competitive products are acceptable at any time in this form. 

General forum moderators will visit this board, the standard Terms of Service for the entire board apply in this board as well.