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Migraines... need help

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Doc K:
Just wanted to give an update, since I said I would...

We did trial the Female Balance Formula for almost a month - no significant changes... we were going to work on some hormonal therapies, but then my wife became pregnant, so that stopped the headaches (and the trials).

Thanks for the information!

Doc K

Well now that is one way to stop the migraines LOL Congrats on both!   Leave it to a very carrying husband to do what it takes to solve the problems his wife is having.  Good job ;)   Will keep my fingers crossed that this one reverses things and the headaches don't come back. 

Congratulations!!! And glad to hear the migraines have stopped, too.  :)

Best of luck to you, Doc. I hope the pregnancy is easy and that the migraines stay away after the birth of your child!


Doc K:

Thanks! You guys are great!

Now we are just dealing with pretty bad morning sickness!

Actually, I'd love to hear any recommendations for this as well. My wife has nausea and dry heaving most of the day, most every day.  Any thoughts?

Doc K


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