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This site has essentially the same product with the addition of a few others.
My WaterSafe

The ubiquitous Blue Barrel from the Emergency Essentials website.  Shipping has gotten outrageous for the barrels from most places.  It never hurts to check locally to see what you can find to save on the shipping charges.

Water Bladders are another option if you have the space.

There are many places that recycle food grade blue barrels & resell them.  They're used for all sorts of things, chocolate syrup, peppers, pudding, you name it.  If it travels in bulk containers odds are it's gone somewhere in a blue barrel.  There are also food grade metal barrels with removable lids, these usually have a liner in them to protect whatever food item is in them.  They're a great long term food storage option as well.

If you go the barrel route, don't forget to get a siphoning device of some sort.  HERE is one type, & HERE is another type.  They're pretty inexpensive so remember "one is none, two is one".

A simple google search for any of the products listed above will give you an idea of what's available & the prices that are out there.  We don't endorse any of the companies that are linked here.  None are sponsors & none of them have contributed anything to either The Survival Podcast  or to me personally.  They are merely an example of what's available on the market.  You should do your own due diligence when considering any product.


This thread is going to be under development.  Thanks for your patience.

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water information from the EPA.

Emergency Drinking Water Supplies from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.


Black Berkey Purification Elements

Just Water, Ceramic Drip Filter

Here's a good thread by tash explaining how to make your own drip filtration system on the cheap.  DIY Black Berkey Water Filtration System thread

Using Calcium Hypochlorite for water purification as an alternative to bleach.

Water Storage Methodology Thread started by donaldj.

Thanks Don!



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