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The Reason for "The Repository"


To all,

This board has been set up to capture some of the most important posts, resources and links that have been shared on this forum.  You will find the characteristics of the board below...

* Great resources, links and posts that the membership would need or like easy access to.
* A rudimentary list of the best resources, links and posts.  This will not be an index of the forum, but, rather, a quick reference.
* A living document.  This resource will constantly be changing in the form of additions, revisions and even deletions if required.
* Read only.  If a member has a suggestion, contact one of the moderators or administrators.
This forum will become populated over the upcoming days and weeks.  So, check back often!

I would only add that The Survival Podcast Forum is a community.  As such, we'd really like to hear from all of you that may have tested some of these things we're posting.  Please do that in the The Gear and Tool Review Forum.  Your feedback will help others to make educated & informed decisions.  One on one feedback is always helpful & real world knowledge is the best kind to have, IMO.

If you have ideas, links, how-to's or whatever, that you feel would be a good addition to The Repository  please contact one of the Mods. or Admins. with your idea.  We want to hear from you & as always, thanks for contributing.



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