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yes an ipod will "manually" take an MP3. br steve


--- Quote ---How can I download this to my iPod?

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You can download a standard MP3 file to your harddrive.  Then use the Itunes File menu (or use the hotkey Ctrl-o) and select Add File to Library.  Point to the MP3 you downloaded and it should be added to your Music Library.  You can then find the MP3 in your music library and drag it to your iPod (or sync your music) and it should be added to your iPod.  This will add it to your music though, not the Podcast selection of the newer iPods.  I can update this when I have a bit more time to figure out how to put downloaded MP3s in the Podcast section.


--- Quote from: DeltaEchoVictor on September 29, 2008, 08:06:46 PM ---Hey Steve, thanks.

I'll shoot you an e-mail in the morning when I get off work. 

Thanks again,

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hi Shane, send the email via my mail on this site.  BR  steve


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