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What 5 Herbs?

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KYd, mint is a personal preference.  Try either, try both, just don't put it in the ground, keep it in a pot.  Granted, it smells LOVELY, but is invasive as hell and a bidge to get rid of.  There is also a "chocolate" mint out there, but it's not easy to find.

Garlic is absolutely essential.  Will be trying to grow that this next year, but I've missed the fall planting season.  In our house, if the neighbors don't think THEY are having italian for dinner, there isn't enough garlic in use.

Rosemary is great both as a bee attractant and an herb.  Also makes a great hair rinse.

Echinacea also attracts bees.  Just don't be surprised if you don't get flowers.  They don't flower until their second season.  Have yet to process for medicinal purpose though.  I keep the flower heads going to attract birds.

Essential: garlic, rosemary, oregano, thyme (disinfectant), basil, parsley
Excellent: cilantro (cumin), dill, chives, mint

borage (? never thought of that as an herb)

Sorry, I AM getting cloudy.  The ones i have trouble growing are dill and cilantro.  Texas heat.

yup, borage...
the leaves taste like cucmber, but you have to get them when they are young and tender, otherwise you may get a couple of the little spines in your tongue.  The leaves once dried along with the flowers can be steeped in hot water (a bit of a natural antidepresent)

Great answers!  Since I have so many herbs growing in and about my garden. Garlic as the king of herbal medicine, echinacea, valerian, heal-all,all kinds of mints, elecampane for coughs/lungs, scullcap, motherwort, lemon balm, oregano, thyme, comfrey, cayenne, lobelia, etc.  My focus on this question was those that I can't grow but would really miss if I didn't have.  Peppercorn is a great one suggested that I didn't get.  But my five are:

1. Turmeric - a great anti-inflammatory, second only to garlic in my book, great for cooking indian food (yum)
2. Ginger - great digestive, stimulates circulation
3. Cinnamon - good for so many things - triples the effectiveness of insulin in diabetics, digestive and tastes well, like cinnamon
4. Vanilla - not especially known for its medicinal properties, but baking and cooking desserts without it is just not right
5. Cacao - life without chocolate would just be sad

I've got a nice stock pile of each of these.  I'm an ardent believer in food as medicine.

I see!!!

my wish list:
all spice

I imagine there would be a couple others, but can't think of them at the moment.

Regarding the pepper vs spear mint debate - I prefer peppermint for no real reason. However, the red stem peppermint is seen as essential for proper mint juleps.

I do not contain my mint, and I constantly find little patches in my yard. Makes mowing grass smell even nicer.


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