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Episode-1430- Listener Calls for 9-19-14
« on: October 13, 2014, 01:57:41 PM »
The Survival Podcast

EPISODE:  1430
DATE:         September 19, 2014
TITLE:         Episode-1430- Listener Calls for 9-19-14



Today on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on hunting, real estate, silvopasture, guns, generators, diet, grafting trees, parenting, pests, cattle, jury nullification and more.
Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your phone and call 866-65-THINK. The best way to improve your chances of being on the air is ask your question or make your point up front, then provide details.
Also please do your best to call from a quiet area with a good connection and speak up so you can be well heard.
While I can’t put all calls on the air but I do my best to get as many of them on as I can.
Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…
My opinion on scent lock technology for deer hunting
Making a land purchase decision that involves family
What exactly is Silvopasture
Concerns about over penetration for self defense in an apartment
Steven Harris weighs in on natural gas conversion for generators
My thoughts on iodine, processed and natural salts
What timing behavior exists for grafted scion wood, Nick Ferguson weighs in
What happens when parents provide safety vs. teach safety
How do you deal with chiggers naturally, true is, I don’t really know
Grazing Cattle on small acreage without hay/feed
My thoughts about jury nullification
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Also remember we have an expert council you can address your calls to. If you do this you should email me right after your call at jack at with expert council call in the subject line. In the body of your email tell me that you just called in a question for the council and what number you called in from. I will then give the call priority when I screen calls.

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Re: Episode-1430- Listener Calls for 9-19-14
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2014, 01:58:58 PM »

Jack Spirko: Let us take another one.

John: Hey Jack, John in West Virginia. I am looking for a natural gas conversion for my generator. Any suggestion, websites, or what I need to do. Alright, I appreciate it man.


Jack Spirko: I heard that one and thought we have covered that before and who have we covered it with? Expert counselor member Steven Harris. I figured he might have a few words of advise for our buddy John in West Virginia. Steve what say you sir?

Steven Harris: John in West Virginia. This is Steve Harris with the expert panel calling in to answer your question. Well the easy answer, John is to go to They have conversion kits for propane and natural gas for almost every generator you could think of. In almost every configuration. Once you do the conversion you will be able to run on all three fuels. You will be able to run on gasoline. You will be able to run on propane. You will be able to run on natural gas. I do not suggest you run off of propane, unless you have got a big propane pig outside. Don't think that your little barque propane cylinder is a light saber full of energy because it is not. You are better off storing and using gasoline than your are using propane out of got a 500 gallon pig outside? That is different story, hook up to it. As I said, they have conversion kits for all generators. It will still run on gasoline.The only thing is that they put in a shut off valve in there for the gasoline. I think that is supplied in their kits. Right now they are telephone orders only, so you will have to call them. They did have web orders up. They took it down because too many people bought the wrong things for their generators and everything else. Now you need to call them up and consult with them. They will send you exactly what you need for your generator. I found them very friendly and very helpful on the telephone. I am trying to get them to give us an MSB discount for any of their kits. As of this moment they can't do it. The lady who would approve it is on vacation. Look for that in the MSB area in the future. In the mean time just go get it from them. They have a tremendous number of videos on how to install the propane and natural gas kits. They have tremendous number of photos and step by step install on their websites. You can go there and look. See how to install. Watch the videos you will probably say to yourself I can do this. It is not something very hard. You have to take the cover off the generator. You have to unscrew the air intake. Then you put on there venturi between the carburetor and the air intake. Run the hoes to what is called a demand regulator. That goes to your natural gas or your propane source. The difference between natural gas and propane is propane is 2,500 BTU per cubic foot. Natural gas is only 1000 BTU per cubic foot. When running on natural gas you will have to have on of the screw openings open a lot wider to let a lot more gas in then you would with propane. When you have got propan, you just screw it down a little bit. Trust me it is no big deal. It is easy to do. It is easy to tell when the generator is starving for fuel. You will  hear it. You just go open up the screw a little bit and lets more gas in and away she goes. There kits are the only ones on the market... They are the only people on the market with a kit that doesn't not require the drilling of the hole in the carburetor. All the previous kits that I have used and installed myself, I had to have the carburetor drilled out. This one there is no carburetor drilling. As I said they have a venturi that fits on the front of the carb and it works just great. I do not want to repeat myself. There is a lot of stuff I can tell you, that I need to tell you about running natural gas to your generator. Whether you do it with a plumber and pipe. or you do it some of the ways I show you with a barb fitting off the bottom of your hot water heater. Then you run an airline out to your generator. Yes you can run natural gas through an air line. Do not give me any crap about that. Natural gas molecules are many times bigger than the nitrogen oxygen molecules. It works great. If you want to know every single way of hooking up natural gas or propane to your generator and every single way of hooking generator to your house. Both the illegal ways and the legal ways to code, I cover the safe ways and the unsafe ways. I am not going to repeat myself as I said. I already did a termedous show on this with Jack. Go to and listen to generator show #2. That is #2. #1 is on selecting a generator. #2 is on natural gas, propane, and hooking up to the house. I do this in explicit detail. There will be nothing left in your mind on the one way to do it or not. On I have photographs of the different ways that I have tapped into natural gas in my different houses and run to the generator for an emergeny.  You can actually see the parts list from Home Depot. I give you the receipt with the part numbers on it. Mine would be qualified as an unsafe way, but I don't have children to worry about pulling hoses off the natural gas line. Yes I have a tri-fuel generator. I have done everything I am talking about here in detail and much more. I have done everything you have heard about in generator show #2. This is Steven Harris for the expert panel. For those new people who want to hear all of the previous stuff I have done with Jack on energy and even more. Just go to and I will list all of my 1234 websites, with all of my different classes and all my Harris approved items on it. Thankyou very much guys I will talk to you next week. I got more questions to answer for you. Thankyou.