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Here's what's been covered in the thread  Classic Survivalist or Post Apocalyptic Books.

Let me know if I've missed any, or if you have more you'd like to add to the list.  The thread has become quite congested & some one requested an off thread resource for these.  I'll do my best to include them all...Authors have been included when included on the thread.

1.  The Postman, (David Brin)
2.  Lucifers Hammer (Jerry Pournelle)
3.  Alas Babylon (Pat Frank)
4.  I am legend (Richard Matheson)
5.  On the beach
6.  Earth Abides (George R. Stewart)
7.  Patriot, surviving the coming collapse (James Wesley Rawles)
8.  eXtinction (Ray Hammond)
9.  Island in the sea of time (trilogy), SM Stirling
10.   Level 7, (Modecai Roshwald)
11.  A Mote in God's Eye  Niven/Pournelle
12.  The Road  By Cormac Mcarthy
13.  Stone Castle by Ian Banks
14.  Deep Winter  T. Sherry
15.  Shatter  T. Sherry
16.  We Interrupt This Program by A. T. Hagan
17.  The FOXFIRE series of books by Eliot Wiggington
18.  The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery
19.  Where there is no Doctor   by David Werner
20.  the "Hatchet" series
21.  My Side of The Mountian
22.  Unintended Conseqences by John Ross
23.  A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller Jr.
24.  When Technology Fails
25.  Lights out by Halffast. Available online for free. (& one of my personal favorites) [HERE]
Now available in hard copy:
26.  Cold camp (short story) available online for free.
27.  Pax americana available online for free also.
28.  The Host by Stephenie Meyer
29.  Enemies Foreign and Domestic  by Matthew Bracken
30.  Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista  by Matthew Bracken
31.  The Folk of the Fringe by Orson Scott Card
32.  Warday by Whitley Strieber
33.  Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham
34.  World War Z by Max Brooks (zombies)
35.  City of Darkness by Ben Bova
36.  A World Turned Upside Down by Dent
37.  Ill Wind by Kevin Anderson
38.  The Survivalist - Jerry Ahern
39.  End World - David Robbins
40.  The Warlord - Jason Frost
41.  The Earth's Children series by Jean Auel
42.  Earth Abides
43.  Absolved by Mike Vanderboegh
44.   Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling
45.  Pesthouse by Jim Crace
46.  The Guardians series
47.  Damnation Alley
48.  Farnham's Freehold

49.  The Zone by James Rouch
50.  Aftermath by Levar Burton
51.  Pendulum by John Christopher
52.  The Long Winter by John Christopher
53.  Glimmering
54.  Cat's Cradle
55.  This Is The Way The World Ends
56.  Plague Year
57.  Z for Zachariah
58.  The Drowned World
59.  Day-by-Day Armageddon
60.  Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler
61.  Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler
62.  World Made by hand
63.  Patriots - Surviving the coming collapse  by James Wesley Rawles
64.  Emergence by David R. Palmer
65.  White Plague  by F Herbert
66.  Davy  Edgar Pangborn
67.  Starman's Son/Daybreak2250  by Andre Norton
68.  Wonder Island Boys  by Roger Finlay
69.  Surviving Global Slavery: Living Under the New World Order Robert K. Spear
70.  The Iceberg Hermit by Arthur Roth
71.  Olduavai Theory by Richard C. Duncan
72.  One Second After by William Fortschen
73.  The Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen
74.  The Hot Zone by Richard Preston
75.  The Cobra Event by Richard Preston
76.  The Demon in the Freezer by Richard Preston
77.  Foriegn Enemies and Traitors by Matthew Bracken **available**
78.  Tunnel in The Sky by Robert Heinlein
79. Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard
80. A Boy and His Dog
81. Death Lands
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Re: Classic Survivalist or Post Apocalyptic Books **Updated 05/16/09**
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82. Farnham's Freehold , Heinlein
83. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Heinlein
84. Republic: A Novel of America's Future , Charles Sheehan-Miles
85. Free Flight , by Douglas Terman
86. Famine, Graham masterton
87. No Blade of Grass, John Christopher
88. Vandenberg , Lange
89. Pulling Through Dean Ing
90. Camp of the Saints , Jean Raspail
91. The last Canadian , William C. Heine
92: Andrian's Undead Diary,
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Re: Classic Survivalist or Post Apocalyptic Books **Updated 05/16/09**
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