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--- Quote from: DDJ on January 16, 2019, 10:18:20 AM ---Most of the strobing lights I have are intended for a less than lethal defensive tool.

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Oh I get the idea behind it.  However, the 60 lumen light on my key chain likely will not be so disorienting to an attacker.  Just looking for any "real" reason that people are using them.  I don't like the strobe for all the reasons given.

--- Quote from: David in MN on January 16, 2019, 12:43:52 PM ---Do I really want to bathe a room in light during a break in? Maybe not. It's my house. I know everything in it. In darkness I have the tactical advantage.

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Exactly.  I wake from sleep to the sound of someone breaking into the house.  I'm slightly disoriented from waking from a deep sleep, but not enough to keep me from investigating with a weapon in hand.  I can maneuver around every part of my house in pitch blackness.  The intruder doesn't know exactly where I am.  Why would I turn on a light to show him?

As for low and high power, I like this.  I like to have a lower intensity when needed and there's some that have .5 or 1 lumen levels that give just enough light to read by.

David in MN:
My roommate freshman year in college had a big drug habit. Nice guy from Hawaii (we have reciprocity here) but he held drug parties way too often and I would frequently find him and 3-5 other young men and women in my bed. We had issues. One night he threw a party and had a strobe party light going. I saw my room flashing and went back to investigate. Yup, 15 people high on LSD and ecstasy mostly naked and painting on each other.

I pulled him aside and told him I saw the strobe. He was amazed I could see it as he had closed the blinds. That's when I hit him with I saw it from across the Mississippi. It was what one might call a target indicator from over a mile away. I left and spent the night at my girlfriend's and he wound up spending the night in jail. I don't know who called but he was making it real easy.

What I'm hamhandedly getting at is that there is in my opinion little use of a "tactical" strobe. But as I mull it over it would be an awesome tool for attracting police or paramedics in an emergency. Also probably a good way to draw attention in a collapsed building. If you have a strobe and a whistle you have the ultimate set of tools for alerting rescuers I"M HERE. And that's not a bad tool. Ask a first responder and they will frequently lament the problem of getting to a victim. If I (God forbid) had to call 911 because of a medical emergency in my house it might make sense to point a strobe at the window or throw a can of paint in the front yard just to get them there the 4 seconds faster.

So tactical... maybe not but life saving? Maybe? These are just the thoughts that hit me.

Well that's a good use for it.  I still don't like them, but I can see that as being a good use.

Keep it simple
 Simple on off switch and nothing else if you can find it.
You can manually strobe with your finger if you need to
It sucks to get a strobe when you expect a steady light.

I wont pretend that there isnt some manner of benefit that could be gained by using the strobe in some narrow circumstances but I will simply say that I DONT LIKE THE STOBE FEATURE.  Its not a deal breaker but I can do without it.  I can recall many instances where it came on during stress and simply pissed me off.  I could do without MOST of the features found on current day flashlights.  Honestly, I really just want a low (firefly) setting and a max setting.  I prefer the button to be on the body of the flashlight and not on the tailcap. 

I like the 2x AA and the single CR123 lights

currently using a Olight baton.


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