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Smoke hoods and masks


There's a thread about these here but it's from 9 years ago, so I'm sure the technology has changed.  There has to be more on the market now.

I've been going over my true EDC stuff, my work EDC pack that I carry to and from work every day and my GHB.

For 10 years or more, I've been working in buildings that are at most 4 stories.  In event of a fire, I was never all that far from a fire exit and since the windows were accessible, worst case, we could likely break out the windows in case of a fire. 

But I'm now in a 7 story building and work on the 7th floor.  It's an older building and while there are 4 stairwells, they are off the same hallway loop.  Of course my office is as far from these exits as possible.  I'm in an internal office, so have no access to the windows.  In the event of a fire, it wouldn't be nearly as smooth of an exit as from the other buildings.

It got me thinking about escape hoods and masks.  Of course I would prefer a hood, but the portability of the masks is nice since it would allow me to have it on hand all the time.  I'd like to have it in my office EDC bag at all times. 

Anyone have any experience with any of the escape hoods out there?


I have seen these in hotel room in Asia and perhaps Europe and often wondered.  Should be a good read.


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