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Holiday EDC Gift Ideas and More!


Hey folks!

A friend of mine, former service member, and now full time physical mobility specialist/fitness guru has a product lineup that I wanted to share with you all at:

He developed an essential vehicle EDC first aid kit that would be great for first response, off-roaders, or EDC addicts:

He also teamed up with Snake Eater Tactical to develop an EDC belt designed specifically for Appendix Carry or everyday use:

Lastly, he also worked with industry experts to develop a EDC Compensator for Glocks, with further expansion to M&P pistols planned:

These would be all great gift ideas for anyone looking to spend a little coin on a solid product with a great small-business company. I've known Mark for a few years and he's helped me with fitness programming and mobility rehab. Anyway, I wanted to share a few gift ideas with you all since Facebook has done a lot to try and stifle his growth - something I know we can sympathize with. Mark can also offer fitness programming if you want to up your game in the gym and recently participated in the Tactical Games if anyone has an interest in giving competition a try.


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