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Neck knife recommendations

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As the subject says, I'm looking for some recommendations on neck knives.

For the back story.  Since I put it in the EDC board, I'd like to carry this every day.  I'm in an office environment, so I can't really carry some big bulky knife.  But I have the need every couple of days at work to use a knife.  I also use a knife fairly regularly at home.

But for the other part of the story, I do some hiking.  I plan on stepping up my backpacking.  I'd like to have a knife that I can use for backpacking as well, so it needs to be fairly lightweight.  No need for it to be ultralight, but light is good.  When backpacking, it would be used for daily tasks.  Things like cutting fresh veggies to add to dehydrated meals, cutting rope, that sort of thing.

Anyone have a neck knife that they swear by?  I'd like to keep this under $40 or so.

I was thinking of something like the CRKT minimalist bowie.

David in MN:
I have the Mora neck knife and I love it. The downside is that it's a tiny blade that dulls quick and it's a little on the lumpy side under a shirt. But it's quick, super-ergonomic, and it's easy to use. I also dig that it was cheap (Moras are) and came with a firesteel. It's kind of cool that I have a blade and fire making on my neck. It has a little bit of primitive survival feel to it.

If you do the neck knife thing get one that can be abused. You're going to use it for the worst of all tasks. It's a box cutter, rope cutter, (let's be honest) pry bar. And it will soak up your sweat on a hot day.

I think you'll like a neck knife (I do) so make sure you're getting what you want out of it.

The Professor:
When I'm in the woods camping or fishing, I like the Kabar Becker Necker.  But, it's a back-up, last-ditch survival option.

As an EDC, for defensive purposes, I have a custom knife meant more for self-defense than "survival."

The Professor

i found that the ESEE Izula could be used as a neck knife along with the Cold Steel's Spike.


I stopped using the Spike due to laws in Colorado about the size of the blade (3.5" +)  for concealed use.   

Between the two knifes I found that the Izula was overall a better knife for what I was looking for.  I end up using some of my 550 paracord to web in a nice grip on the Izula.

David in MN:
I now own the Mora, ESEE, and CRKT. They're all great but different. Of the 3 the Mora is the biggest and clunkiest but it's... a Mora. So I tend to wear mine in the lake when doing repair on the dock or rewiring the boat. It's a Mora so you don't care about it. The CRKT is definitely the tactical of the 3 (for good or bad depending on who sees it) and the ESEE is very elegant and really built for food prep when you don't want to go get a knife from the house while you're on the grill. They all work but shine in different applications. So the user must decide if they want a tactical blade, a classy cutter, or an outdoor beater.


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