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Favorite Piece of EDC Gear. What' some of your favorite gear.

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Was thinking that it would be good to post some of our favorite pieces of EDC gear. Could be anything we really like trust depend on.

I'll Start
KJV Slim Bible Just the right size. Big enough to read well small enough to go anywhere.

This is my actual one posted in with links can't figure how to post a photo. Compared to regular size bible.

The Next is a Gerber 06 Auto Military Issue Tanto Blade.
Great Size, Full Grip, Strong, Lock Great Blade
Now Gerber makes some Cheaper knives and some really nice knives.
This one is the Later, about $150
Had it for years I had no idea how good a blade steel could be its S30V
Also Great for striking when closed, glass breaker on the back end.

Included is a link of this exact one.

Come on guys no one has a favorite part of there kit they want to post???

P.S. any one know how to post a photo?

Since I'm in desk jockey attire most of the time...I tend to carry a lighter knife..kershaw cryo blackwash.  I'm looking at moving to a small multi-tool like the skeletool....seems like having pliers would be a nice trade-up.


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