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So I just spent weeks in the field on an exercise.  No PT.  I could feel myself getting weaker, while Charlie squats in the jungle, getting stronger.  I went for a run today and felt like crap.

We all have things that get in the way of fitness.  The important thing is to pick yourself up and get back into it. 

I hear you. I just got back into lifting and am enjoying it. I've stayed walking/jogging with the dog as well.

Agreed, working out and staying active is a way of life, it is easy to let things get in the way. I have started BJJ again becuase my kids have taken an interest and I want to be able to help them when they arent in class.


--- Quote from: Chemsoldier on April 16, 2016, 03:13:21 PM ---
We all have things that get in the way of fitness.  The important thing is to pick yourself up and get back into it. 

--- End quote ---

To truly understand the above:
First get a 99% blockage just prior to the bifurcation of the left ventricular artery. Survive that. Survive the surgery. Then walk to the bathroom by yourself or try too...


 I cut some wood and hauled some logs for growing mushrooms this past weekend as well as some firewood logs.

I try to walk a good amount a few times a week.

 I go to some martial arts classes

if I have time I am going to paddle my canoe even if it's winter weather ..  I used to surf in the winter but it's too cold at my age but paddling a canoe in the winter is not as hard as surfing in the cold (though to some people winter canoeing sounds crazy). I think the key is to not go when it's windy and go on smaller rivers where there is more shelter from the wind

I also bought a kayak and since it's winter I want to go to go to some indoor pools that they have where people will help me learn the eskimo roll. Once I get that down I can think about running some bigger rapids next year in the kayak, but nothing too crazy. I would like to run the dead river in Maine some day

In the cold weather I also go to church, bible studies, mens groups and so on; often quite a bit more than I go in the summer. This can help me to stay positive and have more energy so I can get out of bed easier in the morning and get going because the winter weather can be challenging psychologically. If you're not feeling right then it can effect everything else


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