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Advice/Recommendations/Help - I currently hate carrying my gun

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Help me out folks. I hate carrying my pistol right now. It's gotten uncomfortable and it's summer time so it's even worse.

Right now I have a Springfield XD9 sub compact. I love the gun but wish it wasn't a double stack mag. I would love to get a smaller single stack frame but that isn't going to happen right now. A new belt and holster will be a lot cheaper than a new gun for now.

I've been wanting to get a good gun belt for a while now and I think it's time. My current one is leather but old and doesn't do a good job. I go between CC and OC and since it's summer time I tend to OC a lot more. I have a Comp-Tac IWB that I love but my OC holster is a cheap Uncle Mike's paddle that sticks out about a foot off my hip.


I've looked around and gun belts are everywhere and at all prices. I was thinking about picking up a Crossbreed Blem since I don't care if it has a few scuffs, I'll probably add my own to it. Any recommendations for a reputable brand that is nice and sturdy and won't break the bank?


I really want something that is going to keep the gun right on my hip. From what I've seen I think the best thing for that would be some type of leather holster. I don't think kydex/plastic will get as close on my hip as a leather holster that my belt feeds through. The other thing I dislike about my current holster is the paddle digs into my hip at times, so while it is a convenient on and off it's uncomfrtable. Also, some of you may poo on this, but I would prefer a holster without a thumb break. Is there any other type of retention available on leather? I like the retention system that Blackhawk has on their kydex rigs, but I don't want the bulk that comes with it.

Thanks in advance!

Might as well do it right.  ;)

Denver Terry:
Take a look at Alien Gear Holsters (  I had the same complaints carrying my pistol.
Don't let the low prices fool you. These are comfortable and well built.

Trade in the xd9 for a shield. ;)

The Professor:
I have to ask the following question:

What won't break the bank?

I'll give you an example. . .I've worn Milt Sparks' holsters, carrier and belt for 15 years.  My original set cost me around $175 (55BN holster, double-thickness belt, double mag carrier and flashlight holder).  I bought my black set in 98-99 for that amount.  It has been all over the world with me from Afghanistan to Europe, Central America to Australia.  Strong and durable, it has been touched up a couple of times to restain parts, but the belt is comfortable, that particular holster is a high(er) ride with 15-degree forward cant and metal-supported opening.  From countless IDPA, IPSC and 3-gun match starting beeps to "GOTW! GOTW! (abbreviated for those sensitive to what some may consider inappropriate terms) in very hot, dusty areas.

If you want comfort and longevity, consider spending a bit more for quality stuff.

Just some thoughts.

The Professor


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