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You Tube Video- Middle Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Staying


There is an interesting video on You Tube on a recent book-out in Jan 08

I though it was helpful-description below-

Middle Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Staying

Peak Moment 127: Paul and Sarah Edwards are authors of a timely book "Middle-Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Navigating a Changing Economy." In a world of decreasing resources, they ask, how do we financially support ourselves while moving towards sustainable lives? Emphasizing independent income sources, they consider dozens of possible careers from basic services to local-scale technologies. Life choices include lowering costs through simplifying, getting out of debt, and demonetizing (e.g., bartering). Or one can consider an "off-the-map" lifestyle like living abroad, off-grid, or an intentional community. This downturn is not just a cycle, they emphasize: it heralds a sea change.

Good video but I think you forgot the link to the video on youtube, I think this is it

I like Peak Moment TV a lot, sometimes Jenia is a bit to "airy fairy" for me but over all most of the episodes are very interesting.  Some have given me some great ideas.


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