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David in MN:

--- Quote from: FreeLancer on January 10, 2020, 02:50:04 PM ---Firestorms are not easily created at will, they're critically dependent on the physical conditions of the fuels and weather.  Just look at WWII firebombing campaigns, for instance. 

In mid 1943, Hamburg's incendiary bombing with napalm, white phosphorus, thermite, magnesium, and high explosives was successful due to the right mix of environmental conditions that allowed it grow to apocalyptic proportions.  The code name Gomorrah turned out to be an appropriate moniker for this military operation. 

The next cities where firebombing created similar firestorms and destruction were Dresden and Tokyo in 1945.  The absence of similar firestorms in the intervening 2 years wasn't for a lack of trying, it's just not that easy to pull off a catastrophic firestorm, even when the "arsonists" have massive resources to throw at "the problem" and unhampered access by air.

--- End quote ---

Yes and no. And maybe a little between. My grandfather worked as an engineer in ordinance in the 40s and Tokyo was specifically targeted with fire bomb runs because the Japanese used timber and waxed paper for construction. Unfortunately for them they basically lived in candles. Dresden required days of sustained 24 hour bombing  because of the German stone construction and to this day if you travel to many of the heavily bombed targets of industrial centers like Cologne, Frankfurt, or Hamburg (the Ruhr) all the apartments look like decrepit 1950s hastily built concrete tenements. Dresden wasn't even a military target.

I know stateside California, Oregon, and Washington get most of the wildfire press but we have days in MN where the fire marshall asks us not to grill and we've had horrible fires usually caused by campers who don't properly extinguish a campfire. Something a 7 year old boy scout knows. It seems wrong to claim that we have a fire hazard when I can walk to the Mississippi from my house but it happens. And in bad years the corn farmers are real careful because a dry corn field is just a tinder box.

On the black side of the ledger there is maybe hope. In recent memory California, Greece, and now Australia have suffered horrible fires where (sadly no joke) people had to run into the sea for safety. These are populated first world tourist spots. It's becoming glaringly obvious we're not managing this risk well. That needs to change.

Over 60 Japanese cities constructed of wood and paper were firebombed, only Tokyo resulted in a firestorm. 

Here's one of the Australian arsonists being arrested.
Looks a little middle eastern to me.


--- Quote from: scoop on January 11, 2020, 01:53:30 PM ---Here's one of the Australian arsonists being arrested.
Looks a little middle eastern to me.

--- End quote ---

No names ?

No, especially if it's a Muslim name.


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