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iron mike:
Dare to prepare is a virtual encyclapedia of  preppers info

Prudent places is a CD rom that shows you more information than you dreamed possible on locations & helps to determine a good location  or at least learn the vulnerabilities of yours.

I own the book Dare to Prepare 2nd Edition. It is indeed a good source since it covers many, many things. One warning about it the authors are Australians, but they did write in a very universal fashion. I only mention this fact because the book does discuss some products and the info about the codes on canned food may not fully mesh with N. America or the U.S.A.

iron mike:
Actually stan & holly deyo are Americans.  they lived in australia for a few years,  but are currently living in the US   ( Co ?)

I did not know they live in the U.S. I know they mentioned many things about Australia in the book with regards to food and firearms. Perhaps they wrote the book while down under?

In anycase it does not detract from all the good information in the book. How to make candles. What the governments do not tell you when they say get tarps and duct tape to truly be safe. Rating gas masks. Outdoor materials. It just goes on and on very good book.

iron mike:

Lots of fun stuff on Stan's site

Holly is web master for the Q files


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