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We just had a tornado rip through 30 minutes ago

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Thox Spuddy:
Growing up in Minneapolis I grew up with tornadoes. My wife is from the East and she has not known what they can be like. She does now. Head for the basement, do not gawk, let someone else take the pictures/videos. Save your life. They are unpredictable. They will uproot a brick house and leave a Styrofoam cup in peace on the doorstop of a house next door.

Thank God you are okay.

Glad your alright. I hate being late. But in this case it sounds like a very fortunate delay.

I just saw this on the tornadoes Oil Lady told us about:

glad you're ok Oillady! I was reading a report from a couple of ladies who were on the Memorial Bridge.  I'm in far western Mass and we had wind and hail, but no twister.  I guess it happens once of trice a generation up here.

Wow I can't believe what is happening with all these storms. I am scared for hurricane season


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